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Bad News


Posted by Ryno on 04/26/2015

Happy belated 4/20 bad seeds! I am doing a little spring cleaning around the site, removing dead links and such. Enjoy!

Bye Bye Mochimedia :(

Posted by Ryno on 03/27/2014

Some great bad news: Mochi media is shutting its doors. Most of you are like "great, don't know don't care", but what thus means is that the beginning of the end for flash game developers has arrived.

Romney wants to arrest YOU!

Posted by Ryno on 09/06/2012

Romney opposes legalization of marijuana for medicinal use at both the state and federal level. He told attendees at a town hall forum in 2007, “I have the same position this week as I had last week: If you elect me President, I'm not going to allow legalization of marijuana. I'm going to fight it tooth and nail. -wikipedia

Barry Obama, before he was Barack...

Posted by Ryno on 05/25/2012

Bet you haven't seen this side of our president:

MCA dead at 47

Posted by Kevin Bacon on 05/04/2012

"Beastie Boys" rapper MCA, or Adam Yauch has died. RIP MCA!
I wonder who gets his license to ill?...

HAPPY 420!!!!!!

Posted by Ryno on 04/20/2012

Burn one down and play some Marijuana Stand! Happy 4 twomp!

Girl Swallowed By Crocodile!

Posted by Ryno on 01/22/2012

You want bad news? Here's some fuckin bad news. A 10 year old little girl, according to some newpaper in Indonesia, was swallowed by a huge croc, while her father watched! Imagine the last thought in her head... Just waiting for her dad to jump in and save her, while he watches.
"I wasn't going to jump in that water, oh no, no way, not me! I wasn't even so sure she was actually mine" the father was quoted saying shortly after the incident.

SOPA Strike!

Posted by Ryno on 01/13/2012

Sign the petition here:

Don't know wtf SOPA is? WHERE have you been? Under a fuckin rock? They are trying to take away sites like NewGrounds, Youtube, Imgur, and worst of all BADSEED PRODUCTIONS! Strike this shit!!!

North Korea's Beloved Leader Kicks the Bucket

Posted by Ryno on 12/19/2011

Kim Jong Il, (that's an I and an L, not the Roman numeral for 2) met his maker this last week. We'll all miss that funny little dictator. This one is for you Kim:

Just Tell Them You Were Texting, They'll Understand!

Posted by Ryno on 12/13/2011

Missouri - Death Toll - 1, Injured - 38! Some 19yr old texting started a chain reaction on the freeway, included was a schoolbus. Wonder what he was texting that was so important, probably something like "lol, wut ru doing?"... "Nuthin, wut ru doin?"..."Jus cn wut ur doin"..."Nuthin, were r u?"... "In the ass end of a bus full of children because I'm a fucking retard!"

Been Receiving Txt's From Your Dead Mother?

Posted by Ryno on 12/06/2011

Recently some dead lady from VA's Yahoo! email account was hacked and password changed. The hacker then proceeded to send txt messages to all the contacts within the account. So, in effect, the dead lady's children, husband and other family/friends have been receiving penis enlargement spam txt's from the grave! Hackers are so cool.

Congress Threatening American Internet Users, Again!

Posted by Ryno on 10/31/2011

A new bill has been introduced by congress called "E PARASITE" or Enforcing and Protecting American Rights Against Sites Intent on Theft and Exploitation. A bunch of constitutional rights are shit upon in this bill, including the judicial practice of "innocent until proven guilty". The new bill would first punish suspected infringers, thenthey would have to prove themselves innocent! Write congress now!

Murder kids, it's okay!

Posted by Ryno on 07/05/2011

Casey Anthony killed her 2 year old daughter not so long ago, and today after not so much deliberation, Casey was found not guilty. What a momentous day for the country, late-term abortion is awesome!

Happy 4th!

Posted by Ryno on 07/04/2011

Happy 235th birthday America! Keep it real!

Amazon ends deal with 25,000 California websites

Posted by Ryno on 06/30/2011

Fucking Jerry Brown! What a saggy balled piece of **** Fuck! Another victory for the rich man. Are you effected by this new law along with 25,000 others? Go here and email him. Millions of dollars to be lost by small online businesses. :(

What a Rapture!

Posted by Ryno on 05/23/2011

May 21 was the end of the world for a lot of dumbasses. Poor, poor dumbasses. Well Harold Camping, the world is still here and your followers are no closer to heaven. Shucks. Don't worry Harold, people are wrong sometimes, don't beat yourself up, after all it's not the end of the world!

$$$ Medical Marijuana $$$

Posted by Ryno on 05/07/2011

Medical marijuana is now a $1.7-billion market in the U.S. The sales of medical marijuana rival the annual revenue generated by Viagra, a $1.9-billion business. The medical marijuana market is expected to nearly double in the next five years, and that's just in the 15 U.S. states where the drug is legal. If another 20 states pass medical marijuana laws, which projections show is likely, the market could grow to $8.9 billion by 2016. And some people voted down prop 19 because they thought they were making more money keeping it illegal... Idiots.

HAPPY 420!!!

Posted by Ryno on 04/20/2011

Happy 420 y'all smoke one for me ;)

200 Bad Seeds!

Posted by Ryno on 03/02/2011

We are now 200 members stoned here at badseed-productions! Thanks for all the support, and making badseed-productions the best online community for stoners around the globe!

100 Facebook Likes!

Posted by Ryno on 02/14/2011

Props to all you who decided to "like" BadSeed-Productions on your Facebook page! In your member account, there is also a link to our Twitter and Myspace accounts if you go that route :) Peace!

Top 3 Marijuana Milestones of 2010

Posted by Ryno on 01/16/2011

1. Arizona legalizes medical marijuana.
2. California improves existing decriminalization law. (Now possession of less than an oz. is no longer a misdemeanor, but a civil infraction.)
3. 5 Dispensaries will be opening in DC. (DC legalized medical use in 1998, but has banned dispensaries until last year.)

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays!

Posted by Ryno on 12/23/2010

Wikileaks = Terrorist Organization?

Posted by Ryno on 12/14/2010

That's what many politicians have been referring to Wikileaks as over the past few months. (Palin: "...with the same urgency we pursue al Qaeda and Taliban leaders.") But are they? Terrorist: A radical who employs terror as a political weapon. Hmmm. So if Julian Assange (the radical) employs terror (a website) as a political weapon (exposing truths within politics) then do we have to rewrite the record books? Are Woodward and Bernstein to be known hereforth as terrorists now, who worked for the terrorist cell: "the Washington Post"! Please.

Miley Cyrus Hitting a Bong!

Posted by Ryno on 12/10/2010

I heard it was salvia, and not the ganja. Shame on you Miley!

1st annual Harvest Review 2010

Posted by Ryno on 12/09/2010

Earlier this month,"It'sJustMe" and I held the first annual BadSeed Harvest Review, just outside of Weed California! 11 strains were tested and reviewed, including Skunk #1 and Pineapple Express. Click here for the full review.

RIP Leslie Nielsen!

Posted by Ryno on 11/30/2010

Leslie Nielsen died Sunday night at age 84. Leslie was in over 100 films including classics such as The Naked Gun, Airplane, and as recent as Scary Movie 4! So long and thanks for all the laughs Leslie! Be sure to check out his newest film "Stonerville", that he produced.

Dr. Dre's 'Detox' Gets Release Date!

Posted by Ryno on 11/21/2010

Dr. Dre's long awaited third studio album, labeled 'Detox', has finally received a release date. According to NME, the album will be released sometime in February 2011. I think that averages an album about every decade. If this one is anything like the last 2, then the wait was well worth it! Here is a little bootleg sneak peek I found:

Arizona Gets Medical!!!

Posted by Ryno on 11/16/2010

Arizona passes medical marijuana measure by around a margin of 4,000 votes! Just when I thought it was looking grim for the Stoner Nation out there this year in the polls, AZ pulls through! The proposition will allow the state-regulated clinics to dispense cannabis. Those living more than 25 miles from a clinic will be allowed to grow their own!

Horrible Defeat to the Stoner Nation!

Posted by Ryno on 11/03/2010

Looks like we just couldn't pull those votes together, lost by a hair in every issue :( Arizona is going to have to recount the votes for Prop 203, their medical Marijuana Prop, due to the fact that is was so close: 49.8% YES to 50.2% NO. Cross your fingers Arizona! Don't fret Californians, at least Senate bill 1449 was signed in, and as of Jan 1, possession of less than an ounce is an infraction!

CA Prop 19 Results LIVE!

Posted by Ryno on 11/02/2010

NO 54% :(
AZ Prop 203 YES: 50% - NO - 50% Medical
SD Init 13 YES: 37% - NO - 63% Medical
OR Meas. 74 YES: 43% - NO - 57% Medical

Big Day for CA Tomorrow!

Posted by Ryno on 11/01/2010

Rock the vote people! Yes on prop 19! Tomorrow is the day, don't get too stoned and miss the polls!!! Hopefully by tomorrow Californians will be able to spark it up without fear of the man for the first time in over 50 years! Make sure all your friends are voting too, without you it won't pass!

CA SB 1449 Passed!

Posted by Ryno on 10/30/2010

Arny signed Senate Bill 1449! This is the best thing the Govenator has done with his term IMHO. The bill makes marijuana possession an infraction with a maximum fine of $100. Kinda like a speeding ticket. No court, just mail in your fine. Go here to read the whole thing:

Murder Caught by Google!

Posted by Ryno on 10/06/2010

Google street maps picks up a dead guy in the street. See more here.

Greg Giraldo Croked!

Posted by Ryno on 09/29/2010

It's never funny when a comedian dies. With that said, nothing Greg Giraldo did was that funny anyway. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather sit through his whole comedy tour than have to endure another black joke from Lisa Lampanelli. 44 years, that's not too shabby Greg! Some people OD years before that. Happy travels bud! I'll leave you with this clip: Greg Likes to Party!

Cannabis Prevents Cancer?

Posted by Ryno on 09/14/2010

Could the chemicals found in weed prevent and even cure several deadly cancers? Rasta_Farmer brought this up in the forum, and then I found this article about it on NORML. Read the article HERE.

Puppies in a River and Omegle

Posted by Ryno on 09/01/2010

Ever try the new "chat with a stranger" site: Omegle? Ever see the video of that crazy girl throwing puppies in the river? If either of these subjects interest you read on :)
Click here for the full article.

Don't Slap Trains!

Posted by Ryno on 08/26/2010

Warning! I know I recommended it, but I take it back, slapping moving trains = bad! In South Carolina a 23-year-old man was killed last week after trying to "slap" a moving train on his birthday! Of course he was drunk. You don't see many stoners high-fiving moving trains... Happy birthday dude, bet that was the coolest train slap of your life :)

Plan on Raiding a Crop This Season?

Posted by Ryno on 08/23/2010

Might want to think twice before making a raid on some crazy fools plants! Canadian police found two fields containing approximately 2,300 cannabis plants, all carefully guarded by 13 black bears! Fuck ya! Forget guard dogs, lets see you get past my gang of bears! Apparently these guys were feeding the bears dog food, keeping them as pets. 2 people were arrested in connection with the cannabis. No bears were charged.

Mom Arrested for Picture on Facebook!

Posted by Ryno on 08/18/2010

A Florida mother was arrested for posting pictures of her baby hitting a bong on Facebook! Sounds like something my ex would do :0
I wonder...

Tila Tequila attacked by juggalos!

Posted by Inuyasha5114 on 08/15/2010

"Reality TV star Tila Tequila suffered facial cuts when she was pelted with rocks and bottles while performing at a music festival in Illinois early Saturday, according to a witness and a law enforcement official." for the full article click those rocks >>> ##%%#%

Drivers Under the Influence of Weed?

Posted by Ryno on 08/09/2010

One of the biggest pieces of propaganda being used by opposers of CA's prop 19 is that there will be no control of drivers under the influence of marijuana. The fact is that police are trained to administer sobriety tests for ANY substance. If you are unable to pass these stimulus tests, you will be arrested and tested for drugs. A person's level of 'intoxication' via THC is never even close to the legal limit of a .08% BAC. Should we even be trying to bust stoners for driving under the influence? If so, maybe the BAC allowed should be lowered as well.

Rock the Vote 2010!

Posted by Ryno on 08/06/2010

Live in Tennessee? Vote Basil 2010 for Governor! You gotta watch this video (click the link above). I actually like this guy. He wants to revoke ALL gun permits, and make it mandatory to carry a gun. I'd vote for him! How about Alvin Greene for Senator of South Carolina? I like this guy too. Who wouldn't show hot college girls some porn on the internet anyway?

The Gulf Plugged?

Posted by Ryno on 08/05/2010

So they finally plugged up the gulf! (Or so we're told.) Everything is all good again right? What about the fish? Go to a restaurant for some oysters on a half shell and you might find more than pearls inside... They estimate over 200 million gallons of oil spilled. To give you an idea of the magnitude, the worst environmental catastrophe before April was the Exxon Valdez, which spilled just over 1 million gallons... I really hope we (our gov't) learned their lesson THIS time! To y'all struggling and out of work in the Gulf, try growing some weed, heard that's profitable ;)

Switching to PHP 5

Posted by Ryno on 08/03/2010

I've decided to make the switch over to PHP 5 in order to host Facebook applications. Shit might not work anymore, if you notice any bugs send them to bugs[a] Hopefully it works out so I can smoke weed instead of redoing 50,000 php scripts. Cross your fingers! P.S. If this goes right, I've got a surprise coming for all you stoners who play Facebook games ;)

Assassins Creed 2: Sequence 12: The Battle Of Forli review!

Posted by Inuyasha5114 on 07/28/2010

well it centers around keeping the apple of Eden safe, it gets lost and fights and assassinations ensue, regular Assassins Creed 2 stuff! for the full review click the sword>>> -}=======>

100,000 Visitors! New Marijuana Stand?

Posted by Ryno on 07/25/2010

We've hit another counter milestone! 100,000 people have wasted precious hours of their lives on this waste of internet space! It all started when the first Marijuana Stand became the most popular weed game on the internet. Now over 1 million people have played it, and consequently, a few of them found themselves here. I'd like to make an announcement on this momentous occasion: Marijuana Stand 2: Deluxe is currently in the works, back by popular demand. Expect it sometime in November :)

HEAVY RAIN review!

Posted by Inuyasha5114 on 07/25/2010

Okay here we go again with another review! this is a great game with an amazing storyline, most of it is played just with button presses and sixaxis but it is just a great game! to see the full review click deez nutz >> 8===D lol!

Starcraft II Unleashes July 27th!

Posted by Ryno on 07/20/2010

I don't know how many of you kids got the chance to play Starcraft when it was at it's peak back in the late 90's, but let me tell you, it was EPIC! Blizzard has been working on Starcraft 2 now for over 3 years, and if you didn't know, Blizzard has the Midas touch despite lengthy development times. Over 100 million dollars was spent on this mofo and my bet is it will pay off! I'm so excited, I'm about to blow my load! View trailer.

Paris Hilton a Stoner?

Posted by Ryno on 07/19/2010

This weekend, Paris Hilton got busted with some pot in France! She later denied it all and dismissed the accusations as rumors in a tweet. That's good, we don't want the world thinking marijuana made you retarded Paris! You pull it off just fine on your own. Can you picture her smoking a joint? She'd probably stick it in her mouth backwards and say "that's hot". All joking aside, Paris, I'd totally hit that. (I'm talking about the weed pervs, get your mind out of the gutter.)

Oil from Deepwater Horizon Stopped!

Posted by inuyasha5114 on 07/17/2010

BP says it has temporarily stopped oil flowing into the Gulf of Mexico from its leaking well. It is the first time the flow has stopped since an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig on 20 April. The well has been sealed with a cap as part of a test of its integrity that could last up to 48 hours. See the rest here.

GTA: IV The Ballad of Gay Tony review!

Posted by inuyasha5114 on 07/15/2010

GTA: IV TBoGT is in my opinion better than gta IV itself, definitely worth the 20 bucks i payed for it! For a full review go here

Riots on the Streets of Oakland

Posted by Ryno on 07/14/2010

I called that one didn't I. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check the news post from July 8. Shortly after I posted that, shit went down! Can't say that's not what Oakland gets for pulling that shit. Check it out on Youtube. 78 people were arrested. Maybe they should start training cops before giving them weapons, and they could prevent these things :P

Cure For HIV!

Posted by Ryno on 07/09/2010

Have stock in Trojan condoms? You may want to consider selling, as US scientists have reportedly discovered a cure for HIV! Not really a cure, but an antibody, get this, found in a gay guy! The gays are the cure for AIDS! Who would'a thunk it. Read more about it here at the Wall Street Journal . Is free love going to make a comeback?

Cops Kills & Walks! (again)

Posted by Ryno on 07/08/2010

Surprise surprise! Another cop gets away with murder. Last year an unarmed man was shot in the back at close range by an Oakland cop. Today the trial came to an end, resulting in the cop (Mehserle) getting charged with involuntary manslaughter. A maximum of 2 years (most likely less than a year with good time). Living in Oakland? I would expect a riot tonight, and for good reason. That shit is fucked up yo! Watch him get shot for no reason here. Beware, not for the faint of heart.

Prop 19! Woot!

Posted by Ryno on 07/01/2010

So they decided to name the tax cannabis 2010 California prop, prop 19. Same as the last time Californians had a chance to vote on it in 1972! Any of you old-timers out there can reuse your buttons/posters! Nice. Last time it was voted on, the proposition was shot down 63%-NO 37%-YES. Hope that doesn't happen again. There are so many reasons to legalize it, not just because it will make CA billions of $$$, create jobs, lower crime, help the environment.... (and so on)

BP oil spill updates

Posted by inuyasha5114 on 06/26/2010

Ok here it is there's like 400 pictures and counting plus a live feed and I little slider to adjust the amount of gallons flowing a day! I guess because BP lied and were not sure how many gallons are going into the ocean a day! right here > BP = Badseed Productions! The scrimps! The little scrimps!

BP freakout

Posted by inuyasha5114 on 06/23/2010

A guy I subscribe to, Kevin Craft made a funny ass video about this whole BP thing. Called it the 'BP freakout' you know, like whopper freakout. He's really funny and if got a youtube I think you should subscribe, but that's up to you! HERE

Send This to Everyone You Know!

Posted by Ryno on 06/18/2010

(Click to enlarge)
Boycott BP
Please re-send/re-post this picture!

NORML Alerts Back!

Posted by Ryno on 06/12/2010

Some of you may or may not have noticed the NORML Alert widget located in the left column below the featured cartoons on this page. After being offline for a few weeks I have installed a new Flash version of these alerts, enabling more alerts to be displayed at one time! Make sure you check these alerts often, as there may be something of direct importance to your state/community. Click the links for more info on each specific alert.

Tasty Puff Tobacco (marijuana) Flavoring!

Posted by inuyasha5114 on 06/07/2010

I ran across this a while ago and thought it was awesome, I'm not advertising it or anything i just thought i would share it with you guys! it can be used in cigarettes, blunts, joints, pipes, anything! they have all kinds of flavors like cotton candy, blueberry, and bubblegum! check it out!

BP Commercial Parody

Posted by Ryno on 06/05/2010

Bad LSD in Arcata CA!

Posted by Ryno on 05/25/2010

Police in Humboldt County CA are warning users to stay away from the LSD going around town at the moment! There has been an outbreak of LSD related incidents lately, including one man who castrated himself! (Hope I don't know him.) Another man became violent having flashbacks over 2 weeks after the initial usage. My advice, stick to smoking weed Arcata!

No Weed at School?

Posted by Ryno on 05/19/2010

Students in the U.S. face suspension or even expulsion for possessing marijuana at school, but medical marijuana on campus has yet to be addressed. The school nurse typically holds students' prescription medications, but the laws don't work that way for cannabis. Should a student with a doctors recommendation be able to hold at school? Lets hear your opinion. Leave comment

Spice it Up!

Posted by Ryno on 05/09/2010

Ever hear of Spice? That shit that head shops are selling as incense, and supposed to be fake pot. Well, I wanted to try it and get down to the bottom of it all. Found that the active ingredient is a chemical called JWH-018. The Netherlands are amongst the few countries that have already banned this substance. For the record, the stuff works. It's crazy scarily similar to a cannabis high. Read more here.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Posted by Ryno on 05/05/2010

Most people aren't aware of the origins of Cinco De Mayo. It started on May 5, 1912 when a ship carying 12,000 jars of Hellmans mayonnaise on it's way to Mexico sank. The Mexican peoples anguish of the lack of mayonnaise was so great that they declared it a national holiday and mourn the loss of mayo yearly!

More on Cali's Tax Cannabis 2010 Bill

Posted by Ryno on 04/29/2010

Are you one of the millions wondering exactly What this bill covers? Here's a quick breakdown: The initiative would make it legal for adults 21 and older to possess 1 oz of marijuana & cultivate up to 25 sq. ft. of garden space. Current medical marijuana laws would not be affected. It would also undercut the rationale for discrimination against marijuana users. For more info read the rest here.

Hangover Cure!

Posted by Ryno on 04/23/2010

I've read/heard a lot about hangover cures and prevention. This article covers many of the myths and facts. Worth a read if you experience hangovers often. Hangover Cures: Myth, Legend, and Fact. Personally I recommend drinking a tall glass of water after you're last alcoholic drink. Works like a charm :)

HAPPY 420!!!

Posted by Ryno on 04/20/2010

Ya. Happy


Countdown to 4:20!

Posted by Ryno on 04/19/2010

It's almost here, every stoners favorite holiday, 4:20! Tomorrow, in light of the festivities, we are releasing the new game "Hempman" unto the world! Check back at 4:20am and be the first on the high score list!!!

New! Movie's Forum!

Posted by Ryno on 04/13/2010

Check out the latest addition to the BBS, the Movie Forum! Find links to all the best stoner films ever made. Leave reviews, post trailers, talk shit about celebrities, and whatever else you can think of that has to do with film! First to post in this section gets a prize! GO NOW!

Marlboro Marijuana?

Posted by Ryno on 04/07/2010

Altria, the parent company of Philip Morris, (whose brands include Marlboro) filed a suit to acquire the domain names and The company won the case at World Intellectual Property Forum against Daniel Cheng of Washington, D.C.!
"A pack of Marlboro Purples please."

Bahá'í Faith & Rastafari Movement

Posted by Ryno on 04/03/2010

Bahá'í. Heard of it? Seems to be a growing trend, and has a neat approach to world peace. Check out the wiki. Here is the link to the Rastafari movement. "The Rastafari movement encompasses themes such as the spiritual use of cannabis". Not tryin to push any religion, just interesting.

Kevin Bacon

Posted by Kevin Bacon on 04/01/2010

I decided to join in the festivities at NG for April fools. Made this submission in minutes... Check it out, vote 5! (it sux but hey, only minutes spared, MINUTES!!!) Kevin Bacon Vs. Tom Fulp. Have fun prankin' your mom!

HempMan Demo

Posted by Ryno on 03/31/2010

As You all know, 4/20 is right around the corner, and every year here at BSP we release a new game or cartoons for all you stoners! This year the 4/20 release will be "HempMan", the first platform style game I've worked on. We need your help though! Play the demo and look for bugs, if you find any, or have any good comments or suggestions, your name will be added to the credits!!!

Marijuana Legal in California!

Posted by Ryno on 03/26/2010

Maybe... For the first time in many years, California has successfully petitioned that the initiative to legalize and tax marijuana be added to the ballot this year! I signed that petition myself :) *waiting for a pat on the back.* Make sure you Cali peeps are registered to vote by this Nov.! For more info read this article from the Times.

New NORML Commercial!

Posted by Ryno on 03/23/2010

Forum Back Up!

Posted by Ryno on 03/18/2010

I was able to reinstall the forum, all the posts are still there, but I probably have to redo all the settings. If any of you notice any negative changes, please inform me so I can fix it! In other news, this March BSP has received the most traffic ever for any March! Hope Y'all had a happy St. Pattys day! Did you get your green on?

I Really F'ed Sh*t Up This Time!

Posted by Ryno on 03/12/2010

Forum will be offline for a short time. Damn it. Maybe a long time, don't know yet. But I'll most likely have it fixed and back up by next week. Have a stonerific weekend potheads! And to the rest of you, well... don't drink and drive.
This has been a public service announcement brought to you by BadSeed-Productions.

"Marijuana" Forum!

Posted by Ryno on 03/11/2010

New forum in the BBS, the "Marijuana" forum. Thanks inuyasha5114 for the idea! There will be more to come, if you have an idea for a new forum, let us know!

Forum Improvements!

Posted by Ryno on 03/08/2010

No more approval process in the forum! I know that shit's annoying, and I finally turned it off. Now, as long as you are registered, you can post immediately. The only restriction on newly registered members, is that they cannot post polls in the forum. After you have been registered for a while, you can, I hope. We'll see how that works out. There are 900 unclaimed points hiding in the forum btw...

Death by Pot?

Posted by Ryno on 03/02/2010

Number of American deaths per year:
Tobacco - 340,000 to 450,000
Alcohol - 150,000+
Aspirin - 180 to 1,000+
Caffeine - 1,000 to 10,000
Illicit drug overdose - 3,800 to 5,200
Stats from

Upload Pictures!

Posted by Ryno on 03/02/2010

Hello fellow stoners! Now you can upload your pot pictures, funny images, and whatever relevant photos you might have. Just log in to the members page, and look for the "Upload Pics" link! First few members to upload a good pic wins 50 points! Go here to see the pics uploaded so far.

Counter Milestone!

Posted by Ryno on 02/26/2010

Not much of a milestone but there's nothing much else to post: . You guys hear about the killer whale attack at Seaworld? lmao. Schitty. They are called "Killer 'fuckin' whales" after all. Fuck. If you have some "Bad News" leave it in the forum. I'll post about it. Link to videos/pics if you can.

Upload your flash!

Posted by Ryno on 02/25/2010

You can now upload your Flash! Cartoons and Games will be accepted, and if it's awesome enough whatever else you got. Just log in to your member page and you'll find the link there.

Forum fix

Posted by Ryno on 02/24/2010

You can now post in ALL sections of the forum! Sorry about that :P Also, you can now gain points by spinning the Wheel of Unfortune! Just log and access it from your member account page. It is in beta mode, no guarantee that it works yet, ha. If you have problems, let me know!

I'm slow I know

Posted by Ryno on 02/23/2010

You may have noticed that everything is still a fuckin mess around the site. It's slowly coming together though! The forum is operational, but yes, it's a mess too. Hard to see some links. I just got a fat sack, so... Maybe I'll fix that someday. Well, I'ma go toke it up now. PEACE!

Free points!

Posted by Ryno on 02/17/2010

Keep your eye out in the news for free points offers. They will only be available for a limited time, usually days, sometimes only hours, or even minutes. The first 3 members to sign up for the forum and introduce themselves will get 100 points! For security purposes, you have to sign up for the forum separately then your members account. It is easier to remember if you use the same username!

BadSeed Account

Posted by Ryno on 02/13/2010

New! Now you can sign up for a BadSeed member account for free! The first 5000 members get a prize, so don't wait. Click HERE to register.


Posted by Ryno on 02/10/2010

If you haven't noticed, or are new here at badseed-productions, you'll find we are in the middle of a remodel. Shits a mess. If something doesn't work, try again in an hour or so, maybe I'll get to it by then. Maybe not. If you have any suggestions/questions/comments just log in to the new forum and give me a shout. Peace out!

Testing the new news script!

Posted by Ryno on 02/10/2010

Installed a new news script, that means more updates! Yay! :)

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