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PostPosted: Sat Jul 24, 2010 10:09 am
by inuyasha5114
okay therer isnt much i can say without giving away the whole storyline but let me say that it is a great game with an AMAZING story, its made by sony so its ps3 exclusive, and i gotta say that it is fuckign great! it has alot of things where you decide what happens and i played it a few times to see all of the endings, just about everything is pressing buttons, or moving the stick in a direction, or using SIXAXIS(anybody know what sixaxis is backwards? lol!) . the game does have points where you think, "yeah he would really go through all of that trouble instead of just walking around it! i think i smell bullshit!" and it5 does styart out kinda slow, but once the story starts up you wont wanna put it down! now if youre more into games like call of duty where all you do is shoot shoot and shoot, them you may not like this, but i love games trhat have a great storyline, whick is why o dont like to play god of war.

i give HEAVY RAIN :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: 4 leaves! the reason its not perfect is that some people just like to kill and dont give a fuck about the storyline! or else i would give it a 5! now if you have a ps3 i think that this is a unique game and its a must play, even if you dont like it, atleast give it a try! support interactive drama, and BUY THIS GAME! even if you have no game system st all, you can just stare at the disc and visualize the awesomeness!!!!! :hippy:

Re: HEAVY RAIN review

PostPosted: Mon Jul 26, 2010 11:29 am
by inuyasha5114
put some tape over the hole and use it to break up weed?!?!?! HOW CREATIVE AM I!?