Spray or sweat drug testing?

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Spray or sweat drug testing?

Postby rafeelanthony » Mon Oct 25, 2010 10:25 am

It appears as a new concept for the common people as to how drug test can be conducted with spray sweat. But it states that this is a very simple process to collect the specimen and there is no need of bathroom to take the specimen. The detection window enables results just in a couple of hours and there is not even need of laboratory to conduct any analysis. This is considered in case of emergency cases where a report is required immediately and there cannot be any delay in judgments. In such instances and situations, spray sweat will be very quick to give result and easy to give judgment. But one disadvantage is that spray or sweat based drug testing is very much open for contamination and production of sweat rates may make the results very chaotic and confusing. Therefore, first hour of spray sweat is the best hour to conduct the drug test. Another disadvantage of this test is the number of drugs that can be used in detection through this test is very limited whereas for urine and saliva there are many drugs and there are also drug testing kits available apart from their huge popularity.

Spray Sweat Testing will indicate whether an individual has been taking any drugs for the past few hours or few minutes ago and whatever that was taken, will be indicated by the sweat drug test. This can give you perfect result and will actually reveal the correct information about the individual whether or not is under the influence of drugs.
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